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We are business as usual during this time of uncertainty, we take all precautions required to keep you and ourselves safe, for more info please contact us. 

About Us

Top 2 Bottom Inventories Ltd was established to deliver the most comprehensive and professional bespoke property inventory services. Our focus is aimed at the needs of today’s property investors & tenants.

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T: 0203 99 11 728



Our experts bring a hands-on approach to our client service with over 10 years industry award winning professional experience. We effectively manage logistics, daily operations and “outside-the-box” challenges 


Our experienced inventory clerks are trained to follow a tried and true method of what to look for when visiting a property. Enabling the reporting of the condition accurately thus highlighting potential problems.  


Attention to detail

We use Dictaphones, training, knowledge, and experience rather than relying on the latest digital gadgets, apps or software. Apps and inventory software by design are flawed. They try to make every property fit into one of a few set property categories. Experience tells us this never works.